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- Take my hand, take my whole life too...

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The soundtrack to your story.

Music expresses that which cannot be said. This is where we come in.


When you are planning a wedding, its key to book suppliers who you trust and that you know have it under control - Simple, classic and hassle free is our style.         

We are here for you, every song of the way.


Our packages are designed to guide you, but ultimately, you decide. With the ability and flexibility, all of our artist's could be potentially be the “the one” to bring even more magic to your already perfect moment.


Whatever your vision, your wish is our command. 


30 minutes Pre Ceremony 

Curated playlist whilst your guests arrive including one special selected song before your entrance to prepare your partner for the moment!


3-4 requested Ceremony songs

Bridal entrance, Signing of the Registry and your Exit as Newlyweds!



Let us help you decide! 

Your Ceremony is the moment when the two of you are signing off on a commitment you have already made for years. Trust us, we know how to make an already beautiful moment all the more spectacular. Pairing a Live Guitarist and a breathtaking Vocalist with this moment is a match made in heaven. Maybe a classic vibe is more your style, a vocalist paried with a Live Harp is not only visually stunning -  it's literally glorious music to your ears. 


Maybe a a Vocalist for angelic vocals or a Duo Romantic Acoustic Vibes, or add on an instrumental like Harp of Violin for this hair raising moment. 

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30 - 60 minutes Canapés

Your favourite love songs to serenade your guests playing the soundtrack of your love story.

A perfect add on to your Ceremony or to your First Dance package.

Acoustic Duo’s work perfectly to set the mood for your canapés to keep the love flowing through your guests veins- setting them up for the epic night ahead.


Our Advice 

You are just married - CONGRATS! You are whisked away for some private time with your honey - drinks and canapés are flowing, why not continue to serenade your loved ones giving them a glimpse of what the night will hold! 

How about an Acoustic Duo playing all your favs or something a little more suave, with a Jazz Quartet - either way music is the perfect touch to get your guest mingling and excited for what is to come. 

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Your chosen First Dance Song + 2 songs - Including your bridal party + guests and open up the dance floor for the evening!


Your First Dance as lovers for life should be all your dreamed of.  

An Acoustic Duo or  Live Vocals & Violin playing your song – is certainly the makings of magic.

first dance

First Dance

The Party 

The Night of your Lives! All the planning is over and you can let your "hair" down. Let's get everyone up on the dance-floor, get Bootylicious with the girls - even the oldies will love what were puttin' down. The celebration of a lifetime. 


You have a few options here lovers.

Duo + Trio's who turn it up, DJ's who also sing, DJ Bands (Vocalists + Sax, or Bongo's or Trumpet), Full Bands, Jazz Bands, Cultural Bands - the options are endless. Whatever your style, we have it covered. 


Overwhelmed with your options? Let's break it down 

When you are sitting with your littles in years to come, won't it be the best to show them how cool your were on your wedding, how many of your loved one's were present and how Granddad got down! 

We always find couples confused as to whether they would like Live Entertainment or a DJ. With both being amazing option's, we use the mentality of " Por Que No Los Dose - why don't we have both. 

Among other other packages we have created for you here - our fav is starting with a Live Soloist or Acoustic Duo's for key moments like your first dance, father daughter, mother son dances as well as entertaining you whilst your entree's are being served and your guests are getting acquainted. Once all your formalities are over, we love to follow with a DJ and how about having your Vocalist stick around to get the party started or adding on some interactive instruments. Ain't nothing like some Bongo's along to "Let's Get Loud" to set the mood. 

Our amazing Bands are another fabulous option to keep the entertainment lively from the get go. This will have your flower girl on the dance floor from the minute she enters the venue. 

No matter what your budget or vibe - we have fabulous entertainers for you. 

Think we could be THE ONE? 

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